About Me

Hi, my name is Tobias Erhardt, and this is my personal blog.

At the moment I am a MSc. student of Climate Sciences at the University of Bern, Switzerland. My Thesis focuses on the size distributions insoluble particles in polar ice cores.

Even though my mother tongue is in German I'll be posting in English most of the time. As I think that more people will be able to understand English than German.

This blog will have a wide variety of topics, ranging from (climate) science over programming to travel and climbing. I like to think, that they will be as diverse as my live. Sometimes the writing will be quite technical, as I hope to improve my writing through theses posts.

You can follow me on twitter. I warn you though that I am not very active at the moment... But every now and than I'm posting links and other stuff that I find interesting.

About this Blog

This website is generated with a static site generator called pelican. All posts are being written using MacVim and/or nvALT in (Multi) Markdown that is processed using the python implementation of Markdown.

I use a custom processor in Marked.app to preview my posts while writing and before I generate the site.