Redesign #27.5

Posted 2012-09-28 in pelican

And again I have redesigned the hole site. Seems that the main purpose of this blog is that it changes its appearance every now and than without having any real content. But that is going to change. I have some posts in the pipeline e.g. about the setup of an IPython cluster via SSH.

The new layout is a single column layout admittedly much inspired by the layout of Dr. Bunsen, one of my favorite blogs of the inter webs written by Seth Brown.

Even though they look quite similar I did not go in to borrow any css or html. I took the opportunity to learn a little more about html and css as well as web typography from other sites. I wanted to do a single column design and happened to like the one of Dr. Bunsen.

Additionally to the layout changes I removed the category link from each article and replaced it with a list of tags that I anyway kept behind the scenes. This gives me the possibility to put every post in multiple "categories".

The index page of this site differs a bit from the one of Dr. Bunsen. I do want to put the emphasis on the most recent post right from the moment the potential reader visits. In this way I can hide the still very small number of posts.1

Also I finally got around to add Disqus comments. So if you like leave a comment.

  1. On other reason is that it makes the site a little more different from Dr. Bunsen 

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