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Posted 2012-03-25 in pelican

20120325 One Column

Hm, seems that I've changed the layout of my site another time without adding any content:

The change to a single column theme actually resulted from the image resizing. It just looks better in a narrow browser windows if you do not have a sidebar. I did some experiments with media queries and changing to a single column layout below a certain screen width.1 The narrow layout looked so good that I changed the hole layout to single column.

There you have it, enjoy 2

Update (2012-06-18)

As I reviewed the old Theme I actually found it a lot nicer than the single column one. So we are back to that.

  1. I actually managed to pull that of with no significant knowledge of CSS but with reading the docs on it

  2. There are still a few things on the road map, first and most important Disqus comments on the blog. 

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